The town of Wazuka is in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture. A small town surrounded by mountains, there are no railways, national roads, skyscrapers or big malls.

However, Wazuka is the hometown of Uji-cha tea. About half of Kyoto's tea is produced here.

Wazuka has started its history of making tea about 800 years ago and has been still developing the tea industry.

Population: 4226 people,

tea farmer: 301 people,

area: 64.87 people,

tea cultivation area: 5.95 people

(as of February 2016)

Wazuka town created tea fields and the people living together side by side.

This scenery makes me so relaxed.

Wazuka’s refreshingly cool air and the large change in temperature throughout the day and night make distinguished taste of tea. In addition to that, Wazuka river brings pleasant mist which gently wrapping around the tea leaves and shading the leaves. This factor is very important to make Umami taste in tea.

All the mother nature around Wazuka assist in making wonderful taste of tea!

Organic tea field. Hidden place, steep slope.Very quiet
I can only hear the birdsong and sound of wind.

Certified Organic tea

Owner of Azuma tea farm had started organic cultivation several years ago in Wazuka town. It was big challenge for them to make high quality Matcha with no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers. Because cultivating leaves for matcha needs extra days after new buds coming out. Tea leaves for Matcha must grow under the shade for at least 2 weeks. They grow slowly to become softer, vivid green and rich in umami taste.

Can you imagine? Newborn fresh green leaves are there for 14 days. If I were a bug, I want to eat them!

So, Azuma tea farm decided to work on their tea field on the top of the mountain where less bugs were. Also, they cut tea bush very low after the first harvest end of May to avoid bugs leave their eggs on leaves.


Their farm works became harder, but they succeeded to make tasty and healthy matcha. I  love their tea so much! Tasty and healthy! 

The way to enjoy tea are unlimited

Tea is our healthy daily drink and heart of Japanese culture.

Japanese green tea including Matcha has various benefits for human body and mind.  Nutrients in tea work as our health benefit and relaxation.

I respect the traditional tea ceremony, way of tea. There is all the beauty, hospitality and Zen spirit around a bowl of tea. However, tea is not something that can only be enjoyed in formal form. Enjoy your favorite tea at your place, whenever you like.

Just take some time to taste the tea.

Boil the hot water, choose a tea to suit your mood, prepare your favorite tea ware. Cool the boiling water to a suitable temperature and pour slowly and gently over the tea leaves. Take one breath until the leaves open. Pour the tea gently into a teacup. Open the lid of the tea pot and enjoy aroma of the tea leaves. Look at the color of the tea. Slowly taste a cup of tea in your mouth. You will be able to relax while drinking the second and third cups.


Matcha is also please feel free to drink like morning coffee without formal style. You will be energetic and also calm down.

I only introduce good quality, safe tea on my shop here.

Please enjoy yourself at ease.