BlackTea  和紅茶2-size, 2-type

BlackTea 和紅茶2-size, 2-type


Leaf 20g ¥475, Leaf 50g ¥756 / Teabag 2gx8p ¥475, Teabag 4gx25 ¥475

It boasts sweet floral aroma and light aftertaste. It's recommended to enjoy its mellow aroma without adding anything. Iced tea is recommended.



Leaf / Teabag
SKU: Tea0001
  • ●Serving Instructions:

    Tea bag: Brew with 200cc of hot water per 1 bag. After pouring hot water,​ wait for 1-2 minute(s) and then serve.

    Leaf: ①Put 6g of tea leaves (approx. 2 spoons worth) in a teapot. ②Pour in 300ml of hot water. ③Leave for more than 3 minutes to brew. ④Pour in to tea cups down to the last drop.